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Residence permits – Lawyers in Panama

Our Philosophy: Bufete Illueca | Lawyers in Panama has a commitment with its clients in designing and providing the best immigration services.

Moving to Panama … to work or invest…

If you are a foreigner and your wish is to move and reside temporarily or permanently in Panama, our team of advisers is the fittest to assist you with all the legal procedures that this important step entails.

Our extensive experience in migration law allows us to offer the best advice in the market.

Bufete Illueca’s migration law services aims at meeting the objectives:

Since 2008, Panama immigration law has been subjected to significant and constant reform. Consequently, we currently have a complex system of visas and residence permits. It is paramount to select the appropriate visa or permit in order to obtain the most from the incentives and benefits offered.

In broad terms,  there are three immigration categories in Panama:

I– Visas

II– Temporary residence permits

III– Permanent residence permits

I- Visas
Visas are requested for the purpose of short stays in the country. This immigration category is applicable when you need to be in Panama for a period that does not exceeds 9 months either for work, study, leisure or tourism.

II- Temporary residence permits
There are about 20 sub-categories of temporary residence permits in Panama, which are linked to work, business and others. These types of permits are granted for one year and can be renewed for up to 6 years. Some of these permits after the sixth year of its renewal grant the permanent residence permit. Bufete Illueca analyzes each case individually and recommends a specific type of temporary residence permit that best suits the client’s needs.

III- Permanent residence permits
Permanent residence permits are granted to foreigners who wish to reside permanently in Panama. These permits are granted by virtue of the foreigner:

Let’s briefly analyze each of these sub-categories:

Marrying a Panamanian: After being married for three years, the foreigner becomes eligible for the permanent residence permit. This type of residence offers important advantages, including the facilitation of the naturalization process.

It is important to note that in accordance with new regulations, if authorities determine that the marriage has been carried out for the sole purpose of applying to the permanent residence permit, such permit, if already granted, would be automatically canceled..

Investing in Panama: In Panama, visas for investors are classified in the following headings and amounts:

We are in capacity to advice you on the different options that best serve your interests.

Retired or pensioned by a public or private entity: the basic requirement for this type of residence permit is that the pension received is in the minimum amount of $ 1,000.00 per month and that it comes from a foreign source.

This residence has important benefits including the tax-free import of a car every 3 years for personal use, and discounts on public and private services.

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