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Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Logistics & Connectivity

The compact geography of Panama allows for close interaction between different logistic assets (airports, canal, railroads, ports and special economic zones) that along with its strategic position in the center of the Americas translate into a sustainable and competitive advantage.

Panama’s infrastructure provides a great number of advantages, among which we can name:

  1. Greater profitability and cost-efficient: Panama has the largest number of operating ports in Latin America. This allows the development of economies of scale that make possible the most competitive costs in the region.
  1. Greater competitiveness: Due to the cost-efficient nature of services, companies can improve their capacity to compete in global markets.

Supply chain management

Globalization has transformed the scale and the way we do business. Globally, the level and complexity of commercial operations has increased dramatically, making it more common that activities to which companies devote its resources involve more than one level of the supply chain regardless of the industry.

This complexity has led to increased outsourcing, generating multiple potential risks that affect the operations and profitability of these companies. For example, a company must deal with suppliers of raw materials, distributors, sales agents, carriers, brokers and other service providers that contribute to bring a certain product or service to the Market.

Consequently, logistics and supply chain management play an important role in managing costs and risks aimed at improving business profitability. This has led both legal professionals and corporate leaders to pay more attention to how these issues are handled since it is imperative to be able to function with a high degree of efficiency and organization in order to be successful.

How can we assist you?

Regardless of the industry in which your business operates, Bufete Illueca focuses on providing its clients with expert legal advice and the appropriate framework to evaluate the different costs and risks swiftly and effectively.

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