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The elements of Banking

F.E. Perry 1981

The Panamaniam private interest foundation “Banking relationships and hereditary succession”

Juan Pablo Fabrega Polleri 2010

Trade rules in the making: Challenges in regional and multilateral negotiations

Miguel R. Mendoza, Patrick Low, Barbara Kotschwar 1999

The law of tug, tow, and pilotage

Alex L. Parks 1982

The law of tugs and towage

L.J. Kovats 1980

The Corporate Address Book

Michael Levine 1987

The illustrated dictionary of nautical terms

Graham Blackburn 1981

The american chamber of commerce and industry of Panama

Member Directory 2007

The international law of the ocean development

Shigeru Oda 1972

The law and practice relating to oil pollution from ships

David W. Abecassis 1978